Lumenman Spira is a light former series made of acrylic glass in Germany.

Spira change without tools: Simply pull out and insert to change the Spira colours.

Light up the surroundings in addition to the light figure: The Spiras are hollow in the middle and let the light of the torch through in white, while the Spiras, depending on the color, glow in color.

Quickly change your flashlights: The Spira adapter itself can be attached to the torch with a rubber sleeve (the Lumenman Connector). You can change torches quickly and easily in the dark by loosening the wing nuts without tools.

Coloured light: Optional colour filters can be inserted into the Lumenman Connector between lamp and Spira.

The Spira System is one of the latest developments and was created through a lively exchange within the Facebook group “Lichtspuren”.

Lumenman Spira Starter Set

  • Acrylic glass spiral
  • Lumenman Connector
  • adaptor
  • 2 wing nut clamps
  • transparent

Set price: 34,99 Euro

New! The Lumenman Store:

Lumenman Spira supplementary set of 6

  • All 6 additional colours, acrylic glass spirals, green, orange, red,¬†lemon, blue, sun

Set price: 69,99 Euro