Laser Sword or Light Painting Weapon: Create fantastic flat structures in the night!


  • the 50cm transparent acrylic stick,
  • firmly glued in a wooden holder,
  • the Lumenman connector for attaching to your flashlight,
  • Wing screws for easy changing of the tools.
  • The wing screws allow you to change your tools on the flashlights even in the dark without tools.

Lightpainting with acrylic rods is very popular since the legendary but hardly available V24 from Ledlenser.

Get your Light Rod V25 today. Due to the individual hand production in Germany, we unfortunately only have small quantities in stock.

Lumenman Light Rod V25 Set

  • Acrylic glass rod 50cm
  • Lumenman Connector
  • Adapter for the rod
  • 2 wing nut clamps

Set Price: 59,99 Euro