Lumenman Filters

Especially for the Lumenman Connector I had color filters made, which fit exactly with 47mm diameter.

Especially at night it was always too “fiddly” for me to handle cut out foils. This is how the idea for the filters came about.

Lumenman Filters Set Small

  • 5 colour filters, acrylic glass
  • 47mm diameter for Lumenman Connector

Set price: 18,99 Euro

Lumenman Filters Set Large

  • 9 color filters
  • 3 neutral panes, acrylic glass, for self-adhesive with filter foil
  • 47mm diameter for Lumenman Connect

Set price: 26,99 Euro

Lumenman Filters Set Large with Connector and Hood

  • 9 color filters
  • 3 neutral discs for self-adhesive with filter foil
  • Lumenman Connector with wing nuts
  • Aluminium hood for inserting and holding the filter in the connector
  • 47mm diameter

Set price: 49,99 Euro

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