Lumenman Blades ISO System

The ISO system is a further development of the Lumenman Blades, with which my tool series started in 2016.

With the ISO system it is possible to change blades without tools like screwdrivers by simply inserting them.


A huge source of inspiration was and still is Patrick Rochon who was the first that I know of bringing those light blades to life. And of course I own and still love them as well. Thanks, my friend!

The ISO Blade System at a glance

The system is modular and uses the same Lumenman Connector as all other Lightpainting tools.

Open ISO holder mounted in Lumenman Connector
Inserted blade
Lighting effect: The blade as well as the surroundings are illuminated
ISO holder with surface-mounted black cover plate
The inserted blade simultaneously fixes the cover plate
Luminous effect: mainly only the blade itself is illuminated

Single products

You can buy and assemble the system modularly according to your own wishes. There are also inexpensive sets if you want to have several blades at the same time. I also regularly offer special editions of compatible blades.

Lumenman ISO Connector Set

  • with connector, 2 wing screws, black cover plate
  • For light painting during long exposure, for attachment to flashlights, easy replacement without tools
  • ISO System Holder, necessary as basis for all Lumenman ISO Light Blades
  • Suitable for all torches with 32-40mm head diameter. Recommended, among other things: Led Lenser M7 (RX), Clear XT11 (S / GT), Nextorch TA40, TA10, PA5
  • Includes (German) eBook with many tips on blades and light painting, download code is included in the package
  • Can only be used with Light Blades for ISO series (sold separately)

Price: 59,99 Euro

Light Blades shapes

Models and effects see below / Made with much love in Germany / Can only be used with ISO system holders for the ISO series

Model Clu: An allround blade with a bold texture, very interesting structures are created with just a few movements.
Model Flynn: the classic, with the flashlight’s strobe function you can paint thick blocks into the air and create beautiful clear shapes with permanent light.
Model Gem: Rund und weich, tolle smoothe Strukturen, die ineinander flie├čen, aber auch gestrobed entsteht ein cooler Zebra Lichtschlauch
Model Quorra: A very special blade with which you can paint the fattest textures with just a few movements. Orange filtered it looks like flames and strobed like the spine of a dinosaur
Model Ram: The futuristic among the Lumenman Blades, looks inconspicuous, but conjures up great, parallel lines in the air. Strobed futuristic octa-look blocks are created
Model Rinzler: The smallest Lumenman Blade. Suitable for super fast moves for clear lines and sharp edges. Also suitable for weaker flashlights.
Model Sark: double sharp, paints great parallel lines into the night through the double tip
Model Zuse: A classic blade that you can use universally for clear lines and super sharp edges

Light Blades Sets

Recommended if you want several shapes at the same time. Low set prices!

Available Sets:

  1. Set of 4 classic shapes
  2. set of 4 special shapes

Set price: 99,99 Euro

Set price: 99,99 Euro

Special editions

Special colours or shapes for very special effects. In limited editions. Here I am constantly developing and testing new models.

Price (each item): 34,99 Euro

Model Quorra SPECIAL EDITION Green: it shines in various shades from light to dark green. And yet the environment is simultaneously illuminated white by the ISO system holder.


Model Zuse SPECIAL EDITION Orange: it shines in various shades from light to dark orange. And yet the environment is simultaneously illuminated white by the ISO system holder.