Lumenman Creative Set

As the name suggests, these sets should stimulate your creativity. They’re designed for you to take them as a base and modify them. The Lumenman Connector forms the basis for attaching bottles, cans and other materials.

The whole thing is really fun when they fill the bottles with solid or liquid substances. I’ll show you some examples here on this page.

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Lumenman Creative Set

Your ideal start into light painting

  • Lumenman Connector for different torches
  • 2 wing nuts for quick change of tools and lamps without tools
  • Transparent box with screw cap
  • Transparent bottle with screw cap
  • 6 coloured inserts, 4 colour covers and an adapter

Set price: 49,99 Euro

Examples with the Creative Set

Check out the examples you can only create with this set:

Modification: Simple tinsel in a tin.
Great effects
Great effects
Here as light painting effect (additionally pink filtered)
Modification: Paper in a can.
Great effects
Soft scattering
Here as light painting effect (additionally turquiose filtered)
Modification: cling film in a can.
Great effects
Very direct light with some scattering
Here as light painting effect (additionally yellow filtered)

Water Light Paint

Both the can and the bottle can be screwed watertight. This opens up great possibilities:

Great effects
The light refracts irregularly with movement
Here as light painting effect (additionally blue filtered)

Coloured modifier

in orange as an example

Great effects
Like a mini lightsaber.
Here as light painting effect (in the example the insert is used upside down)

Coloured modifier

in green as an example

Great effects
Like a mini lightsaber.
Here as light painting effect (acts like a 3D band)

More information about the Creative Set

  • Tools for light painting during long exposure, for attachment to flashlights, easy replacement without tools
  • Let your imagination run wild with this DIY creative set, whether you fill the bottles with water or other objects, it’s time to experiment
  • Suitable for all torches with 32-40mm head diameter. Recommended, among other things: Led Lenser M7 (RX), Clear XT11 (S / GT), Nextorch TA40, TA10, PA5
  • Made with much love in Germany
  • Including (German) eBook with many tips for light painting, download code is included in the package

    Translated with

Modify the tools to your taste: I developed the Creative Sets especially for light painters who want to create creatively and can start directly with this base. The can and all bottles are waterproof. This opens up an infinite number of possibilities: Water, oils, particles in water etc.
But other materials also do well in the containers: crumpled paper, transparent foils, tinsel, aluminium paper, etc.

Quickly change your flashlights: You can attach the Lumenman Connector to your flashlight by simply closing the wing nuts. The Lumenman Connector is the basis of all my Lumenman tools and therefore compatible with other tools like Spira, Filter and ISO Blades.

Coloured light: Optional colour filters can be inserted into the Lumenman Connector between lamp and tool.

Designed by the famous Lightpainting artist Lumenman (Bernhard Rauscher), made in Germany.