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Here you can buy Lightpainting Tools, which I design and produce in small series. I use all tools in my light paintings myself. You can see them on


These pictures were created exclusively with tools from my assortment:


My Light Painting Tools are originally from the DIY scene, tinkering – testing – modifying. This means that they are not only available for purchase but are also suggestions for do-it-yourself constructions. I have not invented everything but bring my passion here to life and encourage you to realize self-constructed tools. For German speaking users I offer the eLearning platform Lumenman Akademie.

Story of the tools: I came up with the idea of selling tools when I wanted to have the perfect light shapers built with a CNC milling machine. This would not have made sense as single pieces, as it would have been too expensive. And therefore I started to collect orders from light painting friends from the community. That was 2016, so there’s an ever-increasing portfolio of tools for you to buy, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.


All products are just the beginning – Make it your own! That means: I have (unlike some other sellers) consciously products in the program, which you should modify yourself, or even have to (with the Creative sets). Only then can you create works of art that bear your artistic signature.

Have a lot of fun

Yours Bernhard (Lumenman)

Buying options

Since I don’t sell tools fulltime and can’t fulfil all the orders myself every day, I use the logistic possibilities of Amazon, so you can get your goods as fast as possible.

Of course you can also write me an email with your order, should we meet at a regulars’ table, workshop or anywhere else personally. This saves postage and commissions and I can give you 15% discount.

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If you live outside the countries that are linked with Amazon marketplaces you can still order via e-mail. Please write a message which tools you want to buy and I will answer your request with shipping costs and payment details.


Of course it happens again and again that an article is sold out at Amazon, which I have to produce and sent in. Therefore, you can see the complete portfolio on this page, feel free to write me an email if something is sold out.

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